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Cabine Eagle LSA Specifications


Weight 487 pounds. (DRY)

Wing Span 382" (32' .8") inches., Wing Cord 55", Wing Area 143 Sq Ft.

Wing loading = 6.9# at gross weight.

Fuselage 18' 1" (Fuselage level), Hight 6' 3"

Fuel 12 Gallons

Propeller = Performance propeller's = 64" - 24" pitch VNE=103mph

Wheels and Brakes - Black max) .

Takeoff distance = 400ft + - Landing distance 600ft +

Estimated crusie = 65 to 70 mph

Engine = VW 1835cc or 2180cc (or Catalina 65 hp) Fuel burn = 4 gallons per hour

Cost To Build Estimated at $10,000 to $15,000 depending on your Scrounging ability.

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