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Order for The Double Eagle - The Cabin Eagle

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Six Video's Now Available!!! Each Video is $25.00

The new videos will give you many of those answers that your looking for. According to Leonard, it gives the answer to at least a 1001 questions..

A. Wings Video 1:39 Detailed construction of wings, rib building spar building covering, and mounting..

B. Start Construction Video 1:08 Shows jigging fuselage, landing gear construction, struts, breaks, etc.

C. Steel Tail Video 0:42 Shows tubing bending, rib bending, welding structure and hinges.

D. Finishing Video 2:33 Shows final covering, mounting components, instruments seats and engine testing, flight tests.

E. Engine Video 1:18 Show assembling details, carb mounting, ignition timing, and test running the engine.

F. Cabin Eagle Informational Video


The Double Eagle Plans are available for $95.00

The Cabin Eagle Plans are available for $125.00


The Double Eagle Package price is $220 and will include the videos A, B, C, D,E, and The Double Eagle Plans.

The Cabin Eagle Package price is $275 and will include the videos A, B, C, D, E, F, and The Cabin Eagle Plans.

Shipping Charge and Handling for International Orders will be $25.00

Please mail cash, check or money order to Leonard Milholland, P. O. Box 747, Brookshire TX 77423 for your videos, plans or packages.

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